Free Speech

'Canada 1, Gasbags 0'

H/T to Sadly, No! commenter, Lesley.

The most twisted and hateful of all American wingnut pastors, Fred Phelps, was successful at entering Winnipeg last week with the intent of protesting at the funeral of Greyhound bus beheading victim, Tim McLean Jr.

Lesley writes:

Fred Phelps and his batshit crew traveled into Canada to “protest” at the funeral of Tim McLean, the fellow who was beheaded on the bus two weeks ago. (Their MO was the usual…God killed Tim because Canada allows gay marriage and abortion.) Neither the government nor the border guards were successful in keeping them out, though they tried. Canadians hearing of it on the news arrived in the hundreds at the funeral and erected a human wall to keep them from disrupting the funeral and getting anywhere near the mourners. The gasbags didn’t show up, saying they were afraid someone might assault them. Damn straight.

Canada 1
Gasbags: 0