'Canada 1, Gasbags 0'

H/T to Sadly, No! commenter, Lesley.

The most twisted and hateful of all American wingnut pastors, Fred Phelps, was successful at entering Winnipeg last week with the intent of protesting at the funeral of Greyhound bus beheading victim, Tim McLean Jr.

Lesley writes:

Fred Phelps and his batshit crew traveled into Canada to “protest” at the funeral of Tim McLean, the fellow who was beheaded on the bus two weeks ago. (Their MO was the usual…God killed Tim because Canada allows gay marriage and abortion.) Neither the government nor the border guards were successful in keeping them out, though they tried. Canadians hearing of it on the news arrived in the hundreds at the funeral and erected a human wall to keep them from disrupting the funeral and getting anywhere near the mourners. The gasbags didn’t show up, saying they were afraid someone might assault them. Damn straight.

Canada 1
Gasbags: 0

Friday News & Blog Roundup

Lindsay Lohan is Going to See Dead People: She'll be working two half days in a morgue, as part of her punishment for drunk driving.

Bobby Fischer Dead at 64: Goodbye, Grand Master. You were incredible. You were also quite mad. Your story is begging for a grand biopic.

Beware of Americans: A training manual published by the Canadian government advises diplomats to be aware of, and be on the lookout for, signs of torture in a 'watch list' of nation states. Those nations include Iran, Syria, Israel, China, Afghanistan, and the USA / Guantanamo Bay. Keith Olbermann discusses the significance of this Canadian watch list.

New York City Needs Tourists: And we're not ashamed to say so. We need tourists so the city stays financially solvent, since we don't manufacture anything, and we have a shrinking middle class. Remember The Gates? Get ready for four giant waterfalls this summer. Meanwhile, the NYC unemployment rate edges up for the fifth straight month.

Sadly, No! Ups Its Critique of Jonah: Clif over at Sadly No! has produced a magnificently researched post on how Jonah Goldberg is not only guilty of projection when he calls progressives racists, but he's totally full of shit in a very serious way. His book is currently ranked #2 in sales over at It is an insult to historical research and intellectual debate worldwide, and copies of it need to find their way to bargain bins soon. I'm never for censorship. But I am against wingnut welfare and rediculous political and historical arguments. Really, if it wasn't for his mom and Linda Tripp, he wouldn't be a contributing editor at America's Shittiest Website or have this 400 page book published.

Bless the Pets: In Mexico, it is the the annual feast day of St. Anthony The Abbot.

!Tenga un buen fin de semana, amigos!