Screaming Crying And Whimpering

Watching Trump this fall has been fucking beautiful. He is not taking his political death well. He never learned how to do the damn job. He’s dumb. He got caught trying to force one or more countries to believe an insane conspiracy and assist him in discouraging Democrats from voting in 2020. And he couldn’t enjoy one good day because of his own ineptitude and inability to stop talking. This has been amazing. It would be a little more amazing if he was paranoid, drinking and trashing the White House. But it’s still amazing.

He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. No one does.

Two Colossal Public Meltdowns In One Day

This is, “I’m not a crook.” This is, “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.” Only much, much worse. Someone spare a thought for Finnish president, Sauli Niinistö. American Democracy: “Keep it going on.”

Trump’s first TV / YouTube appearance, around 13:00 today.

Notable moments:

07:25: Trump claims that the Democrats have been trying to impeach him since January 2017. That’s partially true.

11:05: Trump demands to know the identity of the whistleblower and the leaker(s). Calls them spies.

14:40: Trump tells a “Sir Story.”

15:50: Trump confirms that “Fake News” is now “Corrupt News.”

And Trump’s second appearance, around 15:00.

Notable moments:

26:49: Trump: I knew there were many people listening to my July 25 call, so it couldn’t have been improper.

31:10: Trump accuses House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff of helping to write the Whistleblower report. A shocking new defense talking point.

34:40: Trump boasts that he can handle the political storm. I believe him. He lives on stress.

39:05: “Stable Genius”

39:55: Trump threatens to sue people over how he was treated in the 2016 election and the Mueller investigation. He seems to imply that he wants to sue the DOJ/FBI, which are under his control.

41:20: Trump: Nancy Pelosi hands out subpoenas “like they’re cookies.” Mmmmm. Cookies.

44:40: “Biden and his son are stone cold crooked.”

45:05: The question that should eventually destroy Trump: “What did you want President Zelinsky to do about Vice President Biden and his son, Hunter?” Trump blows up a little. Keep asking him that exact question.

Donny Sold Us All Out

Donald J. Trump sold us out. All 350 Million of us. He did it to make a few million and gain an advantage in his re-election bid. His plan is to have foreign nations kneecap whoever Democrat is leading the nomination race. This week it is Joe Biden. Next week it could be Elizabeth Warren.

The crimes of Donald Trump are so much simpler than Bob Mueller or we realized. For years we asked, “What do foreign nations have on Trump?” What they have is his simple, desperate need to cheat and win the 2020 election. Oh sure, he wants to make a few million on the side. And yes, he is a money launderer, a fraudster and tax cheat. He probably owes some mobsters and oligarchs money as well. But Russia isn't hanging a sex scandal or some elaborate crime over Trump. They just know that nothing means more to him than winning another term.

All these crimes related to foreign policy and phone calls boil down his desperate need to cheat in the upcoming election. And since he needs to cheat at elections (just like his golf game), they know exactly what he wants. And all Trump has to do to get it is sell out 350 Million Americans. So he trades favors with Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel (the embassy move), Turkey, the UAE and Ukraine. All of those nations would agree to an exchange of favors. Putin, in particular loves the mild destabilization of NATO and the EU. He probably wishes it was in chaos, but he’ll take whatever he can get. Our closest allies wouldn't help Trump win an election. These are the shady actors he's dealing with. Now we know, after digging for 3 years. We know what Trump is all about. Now what are we going to do and how quickly?

He sold us out. We knew he punched us in the gut. Now we know when and how many times. How does it feel, America?

All Senate Republicans Need To Go

All Republicans need to be banned from office. The party is a hate group that wants to destroy the republic to appease the 40% of Americans who support them. But let’s just rip the Senate in today’s post.

The latest, credible allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh again show us why the Republicans are a disgrace. They could have nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Court. She’s next in line. But they just had to ram through this sexual predator, liar, and utter scumbag. Sooner of later, Kavanaugh and Thomas will be gone. I hope through impeachment, but I can’t expect the Democrats to reverse these grave mistakes.

The new allegations have made the push to remove Susan Collins more intense. As bad as Susan Collins is, the performance of Lindsey Graham during the Kavanaugh hearings was even worse. He was vitriolic, irrational, and a disgrace to the Senate. It past time both he and Susan Collins were shown the exit.