PhDs In Climatology

All it takes is a few February snowstorms to send the wingnuts into a frenzy over climate change.

But not only climate change.  They also went into a frenzy about the weather's impact on job data.  Educated people who have been paying attention to business news since 1990 or so realize that stormy weather has been proven to have both micro- and macroeconomic consequences.  Weather effects earnings, consumption, spending, production, and everything connected to them in our economy.

They probably don't remember nor care that Enron, once a poster child for 21st century corporate America, developed one of the world's first electronic weather derivatives markets - in which investors and institutions both speculated on what the weather would bring, and also hedged their weather-related exposure.  And now the wingnuts are in denial that a series of strong snowstorms can slow hiring?  They are hysterical, excitable, violent, dim-witted, anti-intellectual liars.