If Nodar Kumaritashvil Were An American

If Nodar Kumaritashvil Were An American, do you think the picture of his fatal crash would be on the front pages of both New York tabloids?  Or do you think NBC would have shown footage of the crash?  Do you think the network would have had experts appear on their broadcast, Friday evening, before the opening ceremony, suggesting that Kumaritashvil was inexperienced and the track was not to blame?

Even the IOC has stepped away from the 'blame the athlete' angle.  That track is exceptionally dangerous, even for luge. Modifications are being made to the track as the luge events start this afternoon.

But again, would the video of his crash be on our televisions and would tabloids have these photos printed anywhere in their pages if Kumaritashvil were an American?

Just sayn'.  At least the New York Times treated him with respect.  Here's their picture: