Another Bad Sportsman: Fernando Alonso

You let me down, Freddie. I have defended you and your emotional behavior for years. I saw you rise as a great driver, from Minardi, to Renault, to McLaren. Like all other F1 drivers, you have gone through a rigorous public speaking and public image education. You sharpened your English. You were taught how to handle the media. You were shown the dos and don'ts of what to say publicly. I tolerated your unease and your jealousy of your teammate, Lewis Hamilton. But now that Hamilton is poised to win the Drivers Championship, you have told the world you want to go back to Renault...back to Uncle Flavio. Fine. But keep in mind that if you do go back to Renault, you will be driving with Heikki Kovalainen, who had compliments for both you and Hamilton this past weekend (being the good sportsman he is). Don't expect Kovalainen to roll-over for you if you end-up becoming his teammate. You need to earn-back some of the respect you seem to have lost recently.