Who's In-Charge Of The Yankees? Anyone?

No one, apparently.

George Steinbrenner said that if the Yankees lost their ALDS series to the Indians, then Joe Torre would be fired. Well, the Yankees were eliminated a week ago, and Joe Torre is still there.

Supposedly, a decision on Torre will be made this week. But this has been a ridiculous process. The Yankees have kept Torre's fate as a top local sports news story for over a week. This has completely kept the Mets out of the local news. It has reduced the coverage of the Jets' dismal season (yay!), as well as coverage of the football Giants. The Yankees are news hogs.

Meanwhile Steinbrenner has conceded control of day-to-day operations to his sons, Hank and Hal. So about that threat from George that Torre will be fired if the Yankees didn't make it to the ALCS? Never mind. Now Steinbrenner's sons will decide Joe's fate.

The front page of the NY Daily News states that today (Monday) is 'High Noon' for Joe Torre. But it isn't. The meetings (yes, plural) regarding Joe's future won't begin until Tuesday. After all, the Yankees can't allow the Red Sox - Indians game tonight to take away their spotlight.

They might just keep Torre in limbo until November, so they can make their decision really, really big. I wouldn't be surprised if Torre is still on the payroll come Friday.

M writes:

I'm really loving this. The team is a mess right now and I'm pretty sure its being run by a senile old man in his pajamas. He awoke from his slumber long enough to make his despicable threat to Torre...and has since fallen back to sleep. Cashman says the Torre situation needs to be discussed for a few days. Why? The statement was if you lose you're gone. They clearly lost. What the fuck is there to talk about? Obviously nobody's really sure who's calling the shots these days.

I love how Yankee fans insulted the Sox during their manic days of 01/02 when the team was splintering apart...always pointing to the cohesive machine of the Yankee franchise. Well its easy to be cool when you're winning. Its how you conduct yourself when things aren't going so well that we see what you're made of. And all it takes is a few first round exits from the playoffs and the entire organization is in disarray. And the media feeds the frenzy. Afternoon soap operas having nothing on this organization when it comes to drama. What would happen if they actually missed the playoffs. Would Suzyn soil herself?

And what about the ongoing baseball playoffs? Very few people in New York are watching the NLCS or ALCS, apparently. So that means more bar stools for me and my fellow Red Sox supporters.