Going to Vieques - Returning May 19th

This tiny blog is just 2 months old, and I see the people in the US and Australia are actually visiting this space on a weekly basis, but I need to put it down for a while. I'm off to Vieques to walk white beaches, snorkel, swim in a bioluminescent bay, drive a jeep, hike in a wildlife reserve, sleep-in with my girl, and otherwise keep away from teh internets.

This blog was designed to be a place where me and my friends can share tidbits, rant, and write without having to send dozens of e-mails to each other. But I thank the other bloggers out there who have visited and have offered excellent advice and support. It's like a 21st Century version of a pirate radio station, this blog. It's tiny but occasionally entertaining.

This is my first time to Puerto Rico, and I'm glad I am heading off the beaten path and checking out one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean. It doesn't have a nightlife like Nassau, or pubs like Antigua, but I still expect to enjoy it. I should be back posting Saturday May 19th. There will be baseball, Formula One racing, and politics to catch-up on. My lady will have TV season finales to watch. And I got this.

Hasta luego, amigos! EstarĂ© detrĂ¡s pronto.