How the GOP Lost 2016 In One Day

The GOP lost the 2016 presidential election in a single day. Here's how:

1. Marco Rubio voted against renewing the Violence Against Women Act.

2. On the same day, he delivered an incoherent speech that recycled Mitt Romney talking points. The speech even made the insane claims that Obama is anti-business and has borrowed more cash than Bush. The speech was clearly not written by Rubio. It even mentioned "Solyndra."

3. In that same speech, Rubio made a bizarre lunge for a bottle of water and chugged it on camera. 

Triple fail. 

Folks, I don't like the Democratic party, either. But Hillary has a red carpet to the Oval Office in 2016. She would have to bite off the heads of kittens to blow this one.

Second Veteran Cop Caught Demanding Free Starbucks

Photo by Flickr user, Waves (UK).

What the hell is going on? First, a 15-year veteran angrily demands free coffee in multiple Daytona Beach stores, and is fired. Now, we have a female 15-year veteran who demanded free coffee and baked goods from multiple stores in Chicago, and was suspended after years of alleged intimidation of store employees.

I thought Starbucks was for liberal pussies like me? Can't these cops be happy with 7-Eleven or Dunkin'? So they want the top-shelf shit. Well, I can vouch that Starbucks really is that good. If your drive is to stay awake, 300+ milligrams of caffeine (in the Grande espresso drinks) is quite a boost. The beans might be over-roasted, but man, what a rush.

Stressful job? You betcha'. Dangerous? Sure. Long days? Yup. But Peace Officers, there is no free coffee on-demand or through intimidation. Freebies are discretionary. We little people need to make a living. Most of us don't qualify for overtime.