Nevada Smiths

Oh, This Is Going To Be Easy!

No Jose-Enrique. No Obafemi Martins. No Geremi (and he's probably being sold anyway). No Barton. No Cacapa. No Ameobi. And no Beye. That's seven missing players. And that's never good. But it is a very good reason to make new friends and drink some ale at a worshiped downtown soccer bar.

Blackburn Rovers v. Newcastle United, Saturday 17 January, 15:00 GMT / 10AM EST, to be shown live at Nevada Smiths in the East Village. Be there!

The Lads Go For Three In A Row

Newcastle host Reading at 15:00 local time (10:00 New York time) on Saturday. Come to Nevada Smiths to catch the action live on the big screen. It promises to be electric, as Newcastle's home fans will be expecting a third straight win. The Toon will be rocking.

Or if you want to see an even bigger match this weekend, stop by at 07:45 to see Arsenal host Liverpool at Emirates Stadium. I predict a draw in that match.

Newcastle should beat Reading 1-0 or 2-0. I want a clean sheet (shutout)!

Ho'way the lads!

Today Lads, We Win

We had better. We desperately need three points. I shouldn't say 'we'. I am not a Geordie. OK. So the Lads had better win.

The game is being shown at 16:30 today (Saturday) at Nevada Smiths. It will most likely be shown in the downstairs lounge, as the Spanish games are being shown upstairs. And some of my mates hope that the bird who roots for Blackburn will be there as well.

Howay The Lads! Let's bloody win for a change!

UPDATE: Well, the game was shown on the big screen upstairs. But Newcastle lost again. When will this misery end?