Michael Jackson

My Thoughts Are With...

...those poor doctors at UCLA medical center who were ordered to keep Michael Jackson's blood flowing for over an hour in the ER. They must be traumatized for life. They worked furiously over a skeletal body...CPR, epinephrine / adrenaline, and electricity. My thoughts are with them. What happened to them should never happen to Emergency Room doctors.

Seriously, that had to be so awful. What attending orders over 60 minutes of resuscitation attempts? Did anyone walk out after a certain point? I want the inside story.

UPDATE, July 2nd: Shortly after posting this, I wrote an e-mail to the ER chief over at UCLA, Dr. Marshall Morgan, asking him if those who worked on Jackson would be receiving any perks or special recognition, as I feel they did more to deserve it.

Then on July 1st, I see this AP story that investigates whether Jackson could have been revived after being brought into the ER clinically dead. It seems that UCLA has a doctor who has been successful in reviving people who would normally be declared dead. But, no, this particular doctor wasn't called to the ER for the Jackson case. And no, the article is not reporting that Jackson could have been revived. So while the article could have discredited my question to the ER chief, it didn't. But I am not expecting any sort of reply from Dr. Morgan anyway. But I do expect some details to leak out over the next few weeks. Certainly TMZ or someone will want to hear about what these doctors saw and tried to do.