Megan McArdle

Please Read Glenn Greenwald - Preemptive Arrest Of Civil Liberties Activists Was Unconstitutional

Please read Glenn Greenwald's reports from the streets of St. Paul. This is a shocking roundup of peaceful protesters and watchdog groups who were not causing trouble or breaking the law.

Then trot over to our favorite blogger to hate, Megan McArdle, who takes a shot at Glenn Greenwald without linking to his article. She writes (again, without a hyperlink):

Glenn Greenwald, predictibly [sic],[sic] views these as fascist attempts to stifle dissent."

In the comments, Glenn Greenwald fires back:
The reason it's customary to link to what someone writes when criticizing what they've written is to prevent brazen lying like this.

I said -- so clearly that even you should have been able to digest it -- that the people who committed violence or otherwise broke the law should be arrested. What I wrote had nothing to do with anything you said I wrote.

Nonetheless, keep cheering on preemptive arrests of lawyers, journalists, videographers and legal observers -- along with home invasions and mass arrests of people who had no connection whatsoever with any criminality -- and then keep boasting about what "libertarian" you are. It's good for even more deep entertainment than you normally produce when you move your mouth.

Greenwald 2, McArdle 0