Mayor Mike Bloomberg

New York's Middle Class Has Shrunken

The penthouse at 15 Central Park West, which was purchased by the Rybolovleva family in December 2011 for the full asking price of $88 Million. Their 22 year old daughter, Ekatarina, now lives there following her stint at Harvard.

Last week's New York Times story about nealry one third of New York city’s income going to the top one percent of the city's earners is not surprising. What was once the leading manufacturing city in the United States has been transformed into a huge financial casino, with the gamblers at the top reaping all the rewards. Who cares if they nearly brought the economy to its knees, and blighted the lives of millions of Americans? And who is really concerned that they’ll do it again if they’re not prevented? How fitting that Mike Bloomberg should preside over this carnival!

"I'm Not Running Against Anybody"

Exactly, Mayor Mike. You are running uncontested. You bought City Hall. And as the buyer, you should own it. The City has fallen on hard times, and you should fall with it. That's what responsible leaders do.

But no, CEO's usually don't take the fall. They tighten their grip on power. That's what we are witnessing, my fellow New Yorkers. I used to call Bloomberg an 'elephant' because he was a Republican. Now he's just a power hungry little bitch, or as Christopher Hitchens described, a little putz.

I realize that the mayor was trying to say that he is not engaging in a personal battle. He's not running against anyone in particular at this time, as the Democratic primary is September 15th. But he made a slip, and said he wasn't running against anyone. This isn't the first time the mayor has let his true feelings slip out in public.

Meanwhile real politicians, who roll-up their sleeves and fight for change and justice, are forced to sit this election out, because they know Bloomberg will destroy them. Not just in an election, but possibly financially and professionally.

Smart New Yorkers didn't ask for a Big Daddy with Rudy Giuliani. And they didn't ask for a Mayor for Life with Bloomberg. Obviously a healthy democracy in New York City has not existed for decades and will not be returning anytime soon.

It's a good thing that New York City mayor is a dead-end job. It usually marks the end of one's political life. I think that factored into Anthony Wiener's decision not to run this year. He would rather save the mayor title for the end of his political career. Right now, Wiener is in his prime as a US Congressman.

Michael Bloomberg is living proof that I am not biased in favor of fellow Bostonians, or fellow Bostonians born at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center. The man is a cancer on this city. But of course, I undestnd that if it was not Bloomberg, it would be some other former CEO who would anchor himself at City Hall. I just think that Mike Bloomberg is possibly the worst thing to come of out Brookline, ever.