Lindsay Graham

All Senate Republicans Need To Go

All Republicans need to be banned from office. The party is a hate group that wants to destroy the republic to appease the 40% of Americans who support them. But let’s just rip the Senate in today’s post.

The latest, credible allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh again show us why the Republicans are a disgrace. They could have nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Court. She’s next in line. But they just had to ram through this sexual predator, liar, and utter scumbag. Sooner of later, Kavanaugh and Thomas will be gone. I hope through impeachment, but I can’t expect the Democrats to reverse these grave mistakes.

The new allegations have made the push to remove Susan Collins more intense. As bad as Susan Collins is, the performance of Lindsey Graham during the Kavanaugh hearings was even worse. He was vitriolic, irrational, and a disgrace to the Senate. It past time both he and Susan Collins were shown the exit.