Condoleezza Rice Says She's Glad Imus is Fired. Whatever.

She's glad there was a consequence for Imus' words, but there will never be a consequence for hers. Shouldn't she be drinking with the President at Camp David? It's the weekend, already.

The irony here is that she has said far worse things than he has. Don't lies that result in thousands of violent deaths count? Doesn't lying to congress count? I would think so.

I'm shocked the press asked her for her opinion. Just because she is a black woman, who personally witnessed the implementation of desegration, doesn't mean that she has anything of value to add to the Imus conversation. She belongs in The Hague, but has a plush job waiting for her at Stamford University in 2009.

Let's keep things on-topic and on-message. The White House has "lost" 5 million e-mails, as if they are suddenly using pre-1991 technology. Jeffrey Feldman of the Huffington Post writes that here is no excuse for it. And we need to get to the bottom of it, and find out who ordered it, STAT.