Google Maps

The New Google Maps

The new Google Maps is here. It's gorgeous, and more helpful. Plus, it anticipates what you like and what you search for (given that it normally relies on your Google account).

However, gone is the ability to create custom maps. The "my places" custom maps have been left behind in Google Maps Classic.

I will have to download my custom map data, or print them, as I'm sure Google will retire the classic map in a couple years time (or sooner).
In the meantime, wait for the updates to arrive to your mobile device, or go to to sign up for the new web version of Maps.
You'll see that it attaches keywords to places, based on user reviews and social media.  So for example, if you click on The Strawberry pub in Newcastle Upon Tyne, you'll see keywords like "roof terrace." Pretty cool.

What felt new in 2004 is new again.