When Celebrity News Loses Its Appeal

Angelina Jolie: "Obama Would Be Great For My Family"

There's just one problem. I don't give a rat's dick about her 'family.'

I doubt many people do. Never in my wildest fantasies did I want a picture of Jolie breastfeeding on the cover of W magazine. And today, word came that it has been published.

But back to Jolie's ludicrous comment that Obama will somehow be great for her family. Does she mean that Pax, Maddox, and Zahara are going to benefit from seeing a non-white president? Really? Living sheltered lives, flying around the world, mingling with people of every color, and perhaps even meeting the president someday are going to benefit those kids a great deal. But it doesn't matter worth a damn who is in the White House as far as these kids are concerned. Barring any drug overdoses or accidents, these kids got it made.

The question is, will Obama stop the bleeding and limit the damage that continues to be caused by the policies of Bush, Chaney, and the Neocons? And will that help me and my girl? To hell with Angelina. She doesn't need help from any president. 'Cos she's got it all figured out.

I am very proud of being American, and all my children have got American passports.
Like, oh my god...so do I. And so does Governor Palin. Disappear after your new movie is released, please.