Bobbby Jindal

Time For McCain To Choose A Running Mate

Former congressman and current Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal. Like Dinesh O'Souza, he's a disgrace to Indian-Americans everywhere.

John McCain has until August 7th to choose a running mate. If he waits until after the Olympics begin, he will lose a chance to make a strong impact with his choice. Once the Olympics begin, it will be Obama's turn to choose a running mate, and then quickly take his campaign to the DNC convention in Denver. The time for McCain's selection is during the next 13 days. If he blows this, it will be another missed opportunity for his campaign to score points.

And the man at the top of his list of candidates is 36 year-old Louisiana governor Bobbby Jindal. Oh please choose him, senator. A young, homophobic, anti-evolution, anti-intellectual dipshit will do nothing to help him defeat Barack Obama. Meanwhile, Obama is seriously considering Joe Biden. He may be inconsistent, but he's an attack dog. And Obama needs an attack dog to bite some fools.