Another Horriffic Day in Iraq

At least 8 US soldiers and at least 50 Iraqi civilians were killed Sunday as a result of multiple roadside and suicide car bombings in and outside of Baghdad.

Meanwhile Bush's approval rating has fallen to Jimmy Carter levels in the latest Newsweek approval rating poll - 28%. So officially one in three Americans is still hooked on the Flavor Aid.

And the hunt for the War Czar continues. Good luck with that. The Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State should bear that responsibility, but won't. They'd rather hire a whore who they can fire in 2008.

UPDATE, Monday May 7, 13:00 EDT: Tony Snow said at today's WH press briefing that the American public should brace themselves for more weekends like this. If April's US military death toll is an indication of things to come, then our 4,000th soldier will die before the end of the year.

Bombing in the Green Zone, Sarafiya Bridge Destroyed

Two major attacks today in Baghdad. One inside the Parliment building in the Green Zone. Attacks inside the Green Zone are rare. The other destroyed a bridge accross the Tigris in Northern baghdad. The Bridge had been built by the British either just before or after WWI. It was destroyed Thursday afternoon by a truck bomb. At least 10 were killed in that incident.


Update, 14:12 EDT:
The death toll at the Parliment has been revised to 8.