2008 Minnesota Senate Election

Just Got An Odd Voicemail...

...from the Al Franken call center in Nebraska. His campaign is soliciting donations to the 'Al Franken Recount Fund'. That seemed odd, so I have an odd (perhaps even silly) question.

Why would either Franken's or Coleman's campaign need funds for the recount? Aren't Minnesota taxpayers picking up the tab?

It turns out that Franken needs cash to pay his lawyers in case this recount winds-up in court. It also turns out that Mitt Romney has donated $5,000 to Coleman's recount fund. And unlike donations for the campaign, there is almost no limit on how much individuals can contribute to these recount funds.

But we little voters are maxed out, Al. Doesn't Soros have cash to give you? How about Alec Baldwin? I gave you my cash already.

Just because you couldn't win big doesn't mean I owe you a penny more.

Just win, Al. That's all I asked when you began your campaign. You can raise the cash after you are in the Senate. Let's get real.

Sack-up and win. Red Sox style.