Donny Sold Us All Out

Donald J. Trump sold us out. All 350 Million of us. He did it to make a few million and gain an advantage in his re-election bid. His plan is to have foreign nations kneecap whoever Democrat is leading the nomination race. This week it is Joe Biden. Next week it could be Elizabeth Warren.

The crimes of Donald Trump are so much simpler than Bob Mueller or we realized. For years we asked, “What do foreign nations have on Trump?” What they have is his simple, desperate need to cheat and win the 2020 election. Oh sure, he wants to make a few million on the side. And yes, he is a money launderer, a fraudster and tax cheat. He probably owes some mobsters and oligarchs money as well. But Russia isn't hanging a sex scandal or some elaborate crime over Trump. They just know that nothing means more to him than winning another term.

All these crimes related to foreign policy and phone calls boil down his desperate need to cheat in the upcoming election. And since he needs to cheat at elections (just like his golf game), they know exactly what he wants. And all Trump has to do to get it is sell out 350 Million Americans. So he trades favors with Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel (the embassy move), Turkey, the UAE and Ukraine. All of those nations would agree to an exchange of favors. Putin, in particular loves the mild destabilization of NATO and the EU. He probably wishes it was in chaos, but he’ll take whatever he can get. Our closest allies wouldn't help Trump win an election. These are the shady actors he's dealing with. Now we know, after digging for 3 years. We know what Trump is all about. Now what are we going to do and how quickly?

He sold us out. We knew he punched us in the gut. Now we know when and how many times. How does it feel, America?