Two Colossal Public Meltdowns In One Day

This is, “I’m not a crook.” This is, “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.” Only much, much worse. Someone spare a thought for Finnish president, Sauli Niinistö. American Democracy: “Keep it going on.”

Trump’s first TV / YouTube appearance, around 13:00 today.

Notable moments:

07:25: Trump claims that the Democrats have been trying to impeach him since January 2017. That’s partially true.

11:05: Trump demands to know the identity of the whistleblower and the leaker(s). Calls them spies.

14:40: Trump tells a “Sir Story.”

15:50: Trump confirms that “Fake News” is now “Corrupt News.”

And Trump’s second appearance, around 15:00.

Notable moments:

26:49: Trump: I knew there were many people listening to my July 25 call, so it couldn’t have been improper.

31:10: Trump accuses House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff of helping to write the Whistleblower report. A shocking new defense talking point.

34:40: Trump boasts that he can handle the political storm. I believe him. He lives on stress.

39:05: “Stable Genius”

39:55: Trump threatens to sue people over how he was treated in the 2016 election and the Mueller investigation. He seems to imply that he wants to sue the DOJ/FBI, which are under his control.

41:20: Trump: Nancy Pelosi hands out subpoenas “like they’re cookies.” Mmmmm. Cookies.

44:40: “Biden and his son are stone cold crooked.”

45:05: The question that should eventually destroy Trump: “What did you want President Zelinsky to do about Vice President Biden and his son, Hunter?” Trump blows up a little. Keep asking him that exact question.