Fair And Square

There isn't much for me to say about last Sunday's big games involving the New England Patriots and Newcastle United. Both teams were beaten, fair and square.

The Patriots, in particular, were soundly dominated by the Jets. It was shameful. It was inexcusable. But the Patriots are a resilient team. They have the right leadership. They have the right quarterback and coach. And they have some juicy draft picks to make or trade this spring. They will reload and make yet another run for the elusive fourth Super Bowl victory.

Meanwhile, Newcastle United very nearly defeated Sunderland in the Stadium of Light. But Steve Harper had his potentially historic clean sheet ruined in the 94th minute of stoppage time. It was a heartbreaking draw. But the Mags have no choice but to move on to a more challenging stretch of their schedule and do what they can to earn those final six or nine points required for safety.