For Entertainment Purposes Only

Here is Glenn Beck's epic monologue / meltdown on the Thursday December 9th edition of the Glenn Beck Show (Fox News).

It is highly unlikely any rational person can get through all 19 minutes, but I find minutes 9-12 highly entertaining. Please try to watch it here.

As far as Glenn's meltdowns go, this ranks very high on the list of his all-time insane moments. How does anyone work or live with this boy in the bubble? He doesn't go outside except to run to and from his limo. He doesn't have guests on his show, aside from John Birchers, discredited scholars, and Neo-Nazis. And the only people who watch his TV show at 17:00 Eastern time, are angry old people who either don't know any better or can't find something more interesting to watch on the television.

I know it is terribly unfair and perhaps cruel to give Beck more attention. He needs help. But really, this clip was epic even by Beck's crazy standards. His ratings continue to fall and he is paid millions. And yet he has grand delusions of becoming a billionaire and/or savior of western civilization. In fact, in this clip, his envy of George Soros and Julian Assange is palpable. He really is a 21st century apocalyptic preacher stuck in an old medium, cable television.