The Chalkboard Conspiracy Instruction Video

In the last 5 days, Glenn Beck has taken his show to a new level of crazy. He asked his viewers to record and share all five shows this week as they would be the most important he's ever done. He then proceeded, day by day, to work on a chalkboard, drawing how Barack Obama is connected to several former and current left-wing radical individuals and groups.

We're seeing a man lose control of himself and his show. We pinheads call this 'decompensation.'

So one of the 'communist' groups is the MDS, the Movement for a Democratic Society. Young people against war and racism, and for the lifting of the Cuba embargo. According to Beck, this group is a direct descendant of the Weather Underground simply because their name is similar to the Weather Underground's parent group, the SDS, Students for a Democratic Society. As The Young Turks have pointed out, under that methodology, you can link a Dungeons and Dragons fan to any organization with the word 'dragon' in it and take the 'six degrees' game from there.

In the clip above, Mr. Beck failed to mention that he is focusing his efforts on Van Jones because Jones' organization was the largest besides Media Matters that protested Beck's remark on Fox News that Obama is a 'racist.' It's just a personal vendetta that has morphed into pure paranoia.

Want more crazy? Here's a truckload of crazy. A record three million viewers and I saw this while flying back to New York and it hit me just how far off the rails Glenn Beck has gone. He's referring to a 2008 speech Obama made, suggesting that the Peace Corps and Americorps be expanded so that young Americans can act as positive ambassadors for their country. Glenn Beck runs with Obama's words to make it appear that Obama was proposing the formation of a domestic fascist police force (like the Brownshirts or the SS).


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Even more crazy? Glenn brought it today, August 28th. He is convinced that GE/NBC/MSNBC, plus the Obama administration and liberal bloggers are out to destroy him. Making the technological leap from a chalkboard to a whiteboard, Beck decides to fill his show with a psychiatrist offering him some advice on how to deal with his sane critics.