Roxbury Gardens News: Roxbury Gardens-CDRC Youth Design Summit POSTPONED Indefinately

map-lab, Boston:

A more formal annoucement about the details going forward will be constructed but to sum up where we are....the event for the 13th of August has been indefinitely postponed.

Stephen Moore intends to relaunch effort to make this happen but will take the next couple months or so with a group of people we believe will be able to put the right thoughts and efforts into it. During this time the creation of a board of advisors will begin. These advisors, we hope, will straddle many avenues including politics, neighborhood groups, youth advocates, businesses, financial experts, urban designers, architects, farmers, and many more.

The initial plan is meeting up with the curriculum groups as well as potential participating youth groups, event sponsors and forming this board of advisors in the next month to see where this has been and where it needs to go to be the event that we know it can be. The goals for this event have always been NOT to be a lone shot, but rather an ongoing opportunity to get all these great groups in the same venue to help make a real difference and do so in a continued supportive measure.

We believe with an expanded timeline all fronts can move forward extremely well and put on an incredible day with an incredible message. In the end that is all we have ever wanted for the project going forward was a clear message and the opportunity for this to be the property of the community itself.