That Was Really Stoopid, Part 4

Manny Ramirez has rejected the fourth offer from the Los Angeles Dodgers. The first offer from November remains the best one Manny received.

Maybe Scott Boras is a mad genius. Maybe he knows that the Giants or Mets will eventually give-in and offer Manny a 3-year deal worth $60 Million. The problem with the giants, however, is that Manny won't have another power hitter to help prevent him from being walked. Perhaps he would fare better with the Mets, with Carlos Delgado and David Wright sandwiching Manny in the lineup.

But really, if I was Ned Colletti, I would suspend negotiations with Scott Boras and Manny Ramirez at this point. Manny Ramirez simply is not worth $20 Million per year. And in this buyers market, with a handful of free agents still in it, he should not be compensated $20 Million for one season's work.