Utah Screens Lead Twilight Revenue (Again)

I am very late reporting this news, but since I addressed it in a previous post, I figured I should try to compare how New Moon performed on Utah movie screens compared to Twilight just over 12 months ago.

Here are the ten highest-grossing screens for the opening weekend of New Moon (November 20-22), courtesy of Variety:

1. New Moon, Larry Miller Megaplex 20, South Jordan, UT
2. New Moon, ArcLight, Hollywood, CA
3. New Moon, Larry Miller Jordan Commons 16 & IMAX, Sandy, UT
4. New Moon, AMC Garden State 16, Paramus, NJ
5. New Moon, ArcLight, Sherman Oaks, CA
6. New Moon, Regal Pinnacle 17 & IMAX, Knoxville, TN
7. New Moon, Regal E-Walk 13, New York, NY
8. New Moon, Edwards Long Beach Stadium 26 & IMAX, Long Beach, CA
9. New Moon, AMC Burbank 20 & IMAX, Burbank, CA
10. New Moon, Edwards Ontario Palace Stadium 22 & IMAX, Ontario, CA

Last year, four of the top ten screens were in Utah.  This year, there were only two, but both were in the top three screens nationwide. Obviously, Utah had more competition because the rest of the country's women and girls have gone Twilight Saga crazy.  But still the Utah megaplexes beat out their counterparts in the LA and New York metro areas.  Simply amazing.  

And yes, women.  Friends have reported seeing night time audiences in New York City comprised entirely of women in their 30s.