Weak 2009 Red Sox Look Forward To 2010


The 2009 Red Sox were more than good enough to make it to the playoffs over the Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, and the resurgent Seattle Mariners.  But they clearly were not pennant material.  And as I mentioned in an earlier post, this year's version of the Red Sox lacked the fire and passion of other Red Sox teams this decade. They were professional and kept their cool, but they never turned-up the temperature when it was needed.

So what do the Red Sox need to do this offseason?  They need to do the following, in my humble, amateur opinion:

1.  Do not renew Jason Varitek's contract

2.  Renew Jason Bay's contract

3.  Renew Tim Wakefield's contract

4.  Do not renew Mike Lowell's contract, unless he is willing to be the DH

5.  Move Kevin Youkilis to Third base

6.  Find a new starting First baseman (Lars Anderson?)

7.  Find a new middle / long reliever (you know, to replace Justin Masterson)

8.  Sign another outfielder (Nick Markakis, Carlos Quentin, etc.) to help out Rocco Baldelli / J.D. Drew or to replace J.D. Drew.


Just my opinions.  More as the off-season progresses in November and December.