There He Goes Again

McCain is always such a drama queen. Is this what we want in a president?

Mickey Kaus, Slate:

No convention today! ... OK, it's on! ... The economy's sound... No, wait, it's going to fall apart unless I go to Washington tomorrow! ... We need a commission! ... We need to fire somebody! ... Get me Andrew Cuomo! ... I want ten more debates! ... But let's postpone the one we've scheduled! ... Do you get the impression a McCain presidency would be a bit exhausting?

McCain actually threatened to cut and run from a nationally televised debate to be watched by over 80 Million people.

Now he will have to go, of course, which would naturally lead to a snyde remark from Senator Obama (if he has the balls):

"Nice to see you Senator. I heard a rumor that you wouldn't show-up. But I know you always keep your engagements. Country first, right?" [Big Smile]

And why is McCain's left eye blinking wildly? Is that something I have to look forward to when I'm nearing 80?