Hey McCain...Postpone This!

This just in: McCain wants to postpone the Friday presidential debate so he can focus on getting the Bernanke-Paulson $700B scam passed. This is his way of trying to act serious about the economy.

McCain just announced that he is 'suspending' his campaign Thursday morning and will not be attending the debate.

What? Now he's serious about the economy? Now he wants to resume casting votes in the Senate? Can't he multitask? Isn't he a warrior? Can't he work in Washington in the afternoon, and then get his private jet over to Mississippi for the Friday night debate? Is the Senate going to be in session Friday night?

How would John McCain's presence in Washington Friday night have an influence over anything?

That's why the debate was chosen for a Friday night. Because almost nothing fucking important ever happens on Friday night.

I sincerely hope Obama does not agree to postpone the debate. He can take questions from Jim Lehrer in a solo performance and score major points.

This is pure bullshit.

If there ever was a moment for Barack Obama to go back into 'Mohammad Ali' mode, the time is now.

"Senator McCain, you had better be in Mississippi Friday night, or I'll go on television without you. You and I have a date, John McCain, and America doesn't like people who break dates! I'll be there. If you show-up, the debate will go-on. If not, America will know who cut and ran!"