Obama Doing It The Hard Way

You have to give Brother Obama credit for doing this the hard way. The DNC could have simply kept this event in the Pepsi Center. Senator Obama speaking to 70,000 people in an NFL stadium on a stage with Greek columns can so easily be ridiculed and parodied by the Right. And they have already started.

For a few others, the sight will be downright scary. A black man speaking to a large audience is still not a regular sight in American politics. Not since Martin Luther King spoke to over 100,000 people on the DC mall 45 years ago today, has an American black man had to pitch his vision before so many people - both live and on television.

But Obama breathes, eats, and shits confidence. I haven't seen a national politician this strong and sure of himself since Bill Clinton in 1996. But as we have seen in the past, white Americans don't like a black man who acts like he's the coolest cat in town. In his defense, Obama has not tried to be cool (or hot) in any way. He's a Zegna-wearing centrist politician with a positive message, just like Bill Clinton (but I think Clinton wore Perry Ellis).

But because of racial stereotypes and a continued misunderstanding of his name and religion, Obama is walking a high wire tonight. One slip or misunderstood line and it could come to an end.

Senator Obama needs to be more than Barack Obama tonight. He needs to be Abe Lincoln...different, but universally understood and accepted. While it is impossible to deliver a bulletproof speech, he needs to deliver the best speech of his life (and remember, this is Barack Obama we're talking about - a proven deliverer of excellent speeches).

So if anyone can pull-off a speech this large in scope and this significant to the party and the presidential campaign...

Why not Obama?

17:03 UPDATE:
The perfect rebuttal to the mocking of Obama's stage tonight is the stage that was used for Geroge W. Bush's coronation in New York four years ago. Now that was disgusting, complete with presidential seals. Obama's stage is very attractive, and the slightly cartoonish podium is a nice touch.