In [Fair] Elections, There Is No Such Thing As 'Cutting In Line'

Just one more thing before Senator Clinton hands leadership to Senator Obama tonight:

He didn't cut in line. There is no such thing in a free and fair election. In job promotions, it exists. In chairing a congressional committee, it exists. In presidential appointments, it exists. But in a fair election, there is no such thing.

Take 1960 for example. John F. Kennedy seemed to come out of nowhere and defeat Lyndon B. Johnson for the Democratic nomination. LBJ had been a member of Congress since Kennedy was 19 years old. He was the Senate Majority Leader at the time of the election. LBJ represented the Democratic establishment, while Kennedy represented a new generation, promising modest change and a new direction for the nation in the Cold War era. His appeal ultimately prevailed. Then, as we know, he had to defeat another establishment candidate, sitting Vice President Richard M. Nixon. For similar reasons, he won by a nose.

Now did he cut in-line before two future US presidents? Does history record it that way?

I think not.

We can accuse Obama of being cocky. We can call him a rock star. Some can call him an asshole. But he did not cut in line. There is no such thing in a democratic and fair election.