Obama Is No Great Candidate, Either

Close, but no cigar, Senator Obama. I have strong reservations about you, too.

1. The ancient Greeks had a point when they viewed hope as a deadly sin. I agree. I can't stand it. Hope is not action. Hope is not courage. Hope is not fighting for what's yours. Hope is just a feeling. It can inspire great works of art and make us aspire to be better people. But hope has to be followed by specific actions to bring about results. If not, then hope is actually our enemy, and distracts us. I'm afraid, Senator Obama, that you haven't gotten past the Hope stage. You don't really have a plan. Not yet. Perhaps you will once you see the mess Bush is leaving in the White House. That's my hope, er, I mean wish!

2. Michelle Obama. Someone needs to sedate her. Every word out of her mouth is rubbish and is used against her husband. Everything she says brings him down a notch. It's a shame that a candidate's law-abiding spouse can be an asset or liability. I personally prefer the MO of Howard Dean's wife, who in 2003, stayed in Vermont, practiced medicine and never once commented on her husband's campaign. But smart people like that are rare nowadays. Hence, we have Michelle. Now it is not her fault that right-wingers are portraying her as a wacko. But then again, if she would only shut her mouth....

3. He still voted in favor of bankruptcy reform which heavily favors banks over people up to their eyeballs in debt. And he also continues to vote in favor of funding the occupation of Iraq. Why does he vote against the values of his base from time to time?

Those are my three big beefs about Obama at this moment. The others are more obvious, and the same as Hillary's. He wants to be President at one of the worst periods in American history. He wants to be President because it will look good on his resume. He, like Hillary, has a short list of slogans to help him get elected. Et cetera.