Late Predictions, Wingnut Edition

Ed Morrissey, Hot Air (indeed): McCain wins in a squeaker (8 electoral votes) by taking Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, and Nevada. Good math, since he needs every one of those states to win this thing. If he loses one of them, it is over.

Pam Atlas, Atlas Shrugs:

I have enormous faith in the silent majority - good, decent Americans. We are going to take this thing. I saw both men make speeches today. McCain is the optimistic candidate. You feel good, optimistic, proud to be American after listening to McCain. Obama is depressing. Failed this, failed that, hopeless this, hopeless that. Gotta change this, gotta change that. And Obama looks old and tired. Older than McCain. Obama is doom and gloom. McCain is happy and peppy.

K-Lo, America's Shittiest Website:

John Sununu wins. I don’t know if that’s true but it is should be. We’ll need someone smart in Washington who is on our side.

Coleman wins. Al Franken cannot be a senator. This “anyone can be president (etc.)” Was not meant to be made a joke of. I mean, we’re free to make a joke of it all — the Constitution and all, which Joe Biden might be on board for — but … let’s not, Minnesota.

Murtha loses. It’s the right thing. And if anyone can do it, it is the bitter clingers.
I do hold out some hope on the presidential. There is no reason to not keep hope alive. Just vote. Ignore the talking heads prematurely celebrating and ignore the exit polls.

Ace of Spades: Black Panthers intimidating whte Republican voters.

Confederate Yankee:

If John McCain becomes the President after voting is complete on Tuesday, the wasteful, shallow extravagance in median of I-81 may very well be a fitting metaphor for a Obama political campaign ran precisely the same way.