Win Number Two

What the hell was that? It was supposed to be easy. Four runs in the 1st inning was supposed to set the tone. But Francona left Matsuzaka in the game to face Vlad Guerreo for a third (and costly) time. Okajima did what he could. Then Francona left Masterson in the game too long. Masterson started the bottom of the 8th inning. When he let the first batter get on base, Francona then turned to Papelbon to get the final 6 outs. With the game tied 5-5, that was the moment we Sox fans thought the game was lost.

But the players were not going to let Francona's unusual bad day of managing stop them. Varitek's calls, Papelbon's pitches, J.D. Drew's big swing in the top of the 9th, and Youkilis' catch in foul territory marked a dramatic swing of the game back to Boston's favor. Boston had the game, then lost it, and then fought to win it back. It was quite a ride.

ALDS Game 2
Red Sox 7, Angles 5

Care to admit to any mistakes, Terry? Care to take any responsibility? I thought not.