See You In February

What a way to end a season. Three straight losses in Fenway. The Boston Massacre III (or is it IV?).

A curve ball to Carlos Peña on a 0-2 count?

Varitek is officially terrible behind the plate. I do hope he is sent to the Nationals.

Their offense was dead. Ortiz, Lowell, and Ellsbury were unable to produce anything. They had to rely on 4 batters out of 9 to get anything on the board.

Their bullpen was weak. Masterson was actually good, but he was relied upon too much when the Sox needed 1 or 2 more reliable middle relievers. Javier Lopez is not a strong lefty and we know what happened with him. Manny Delcarmen still has promise, but not this year. Hideki Okajima no longer fools anyone with his left arm. And there was no one else used in the pen, right?

And they totally blew Game 2. Or to be more specific, they blew Game 2 when Francona put Josh Beckett on the mound of the bottom of the 5th inning with a fragile, yet hard-earned 2-run lead.

And so they had their asses kicked royally by the Devil Rays in games 3-5. I have not seen a team hit so many home runs against the contemporary (Henry-Epstein) Red Sox in a postseason series. There have been 11 home runs and counting in these three final games at Fenway.


Winter is here. Enjoy it. See you in Fort Myers, Sox.

And no, I do not want the Phillies to win the World Series. Being a mild Mets supporter, and not liking most Philly fans, I can't root for them. So us Mets fans should hope Tampa can take them the way they dismantled the White Sox and Red Sox.