Ah, what the hell

Cablevision is going crazy tonight and I can only get a handful of channels1, so I got bored and decided that I may as well introduce myself to the blog. I haven't put much thought into what my introductory post should be, so here's some quick thoughts that have struck me in the last few days:

  • Last night I paid less than $40 for a full tank of gas2. I paid nearly $60 for the same tank earlier this summer. I never thought I'd be writing about gas prices, but it's a pretty remarkable drop. Who says the financial crisis is so bad?
  • Well, the guys I play hockey with seem to be pretty sure the crisis is bad. Most of them work in banks or hedge funds. Talk of new cars and vacations is way down, and a lot are working their asses off now. Maybe to justify keeping their jobs?
  • Sprint lost another customer this week when I switched to the iPhone. wretched.tiger is tres jealous, though she did an admirable job trying to hide it.
  • Should I be referring to the other authors of this blog?
  • Did wretched.tiger ever write here, anyway?

Since I've just decided that I will refer to the other authors, I'll note that my next post will be my own prognostication of the electoral college this year, and I'll compare it with Dhalgren's.

1 including PBS, interestingly advertising "ancient tantric dances" at the RMA... hmm....
2 about 12.5 gallons at $3.19/gallon

  • Oh, one other thing: Dogfish Head's "Palo Santo Marron" is delicious. I need to get down to Rehoboth Beach sometime.