Third Generation Subaru Forester Press Photos

Ok, it looks a lot like the Mitsubishi Outlander. That bugs me a little. It seems to have a ton of headroom (either that, or that's a wicked short driver). But overall, I think it is a very good car. Surely it's better than the Toyota Rav4, with the better interior, better suspension, and more practical rear hatch. I love the rear wishbone suspension, just like the Tribeca and new Impreza. That makes for better handling and a little extra cargo space.

But I will miss the boxy look of the current Forester. It was the all-wheel-drive alternative to the Scion xB (bB). This looks more like a family vehicle. At least the hood scoop on the turbo model is less pronounced on the new Forester. Not sure if my girl will let me get a turbocharged Suby, even if the scoop is more subtle. Hood scoops are a turn off. However, I think she will find the power seats with heaters very nice, not to mention the iPod jack. The highlight of the new Foreseter is the interior. It's beautiful - light years ahead of the current Forester. And the cargo and passenger room is tremendous. If I do get the chance to buy a car within the next 4 years, this Forester is on my short list.

Foresters are still made in Subaru's factory in Gunma, Japan. And they are on their way. Expect to see them on the streets this spring.

I expect the base model to cost around $19k. The LL Bean edition will be around $25k. Turbo models with the limited package top-out around $27k.

Here are the official pictures of the Forester XT Turbo from Subaru of America.