"Hey Beautiful...The Backdoor's Open"

And I'm not talking about Normar Garciaparra and Mia Hamm. And no, "backdoor" is not what some of you may be thinking. It's part of the story below.

Busted for the last time (with his estranged wife anyway)...I give you Shane Warne, a great cricket bowler, and a first-class womanizer. The British tabloids are having a field day with this.

It was bad enough when stories of parties and having sex with more than one woman a night went around. It was embarrassing when he took diet pills in an attempt to eliminate his paunch, and got banned from the game for a year as a result (he even said that it was his mother's idea when she saw his belly on the telly). But an errant (probably drunken) text message to his wife instead of a girlfriend is the final nail in a disastrous 12-year marriage.