You Can Terminate It, Britney.

That is, assuming you are pregnant again. I hear that your bodyguard may be the father. Hey, if a small-time blogger in Manhattan has heard that, then it might be everywhere when US Weekly hits the news stands this morning.

Just reminding you that you have at least 15 weeks to change your mind. That's a long time to contemplate if a third child before your 27th birthday is really a good idea. And considering your incoherent, sad interview to OK magazine this week, I think a full-term is the last thing you need.

I'll make this simple. You have your publicist or assistant contact me here, and I can get you taken care of in a clean, discreet Manhattan clinic for free. No photos. No interviews. I'm sure someone you trust can be here for you as well. Maybe JT. He's a good guy. He wants you to be well and be happy.

I would not ask, but I would hope that you one day tell the press that you had an abortion, and you are not going to hell for it.

You would be a ground-breaking celebrity who made a difference. We need abortion to come out of the closet. That's the best way to keep it legal in this country.

So if you are pregnant again, please terminate it, Britney. Do it for you.