More Bush-Related Depression

Let's go back three years, to October 2004 - the second debate between Bush & Kerry. I need a drink after Bush's press conference this week. This has been a bad, bad week.

In the video below, the president's comments are edited together in one long rant. I wish I could post the entire second debate here. It was the debate in which Bush fumbled over and over again. It was the debate in which he quipped, "Don't forget Poland!" His delusional thinking is all here on the table. Bush's way forward in Iraq was to keep believing that it is possible to effectively referee a civil war. And despite pensive and even painful looks from the audience, we re-elected him anyway. How could we have been so fucking stupid? How could we not see a complete lack of leadership and intelligence. How could anyone follow this guy?

"I'm worried about our country," Bush says in the amateur video above.

I'm beyond worried. I think America is finished. Done. Over. It was fun while it fucking lasted.

Yes this country has dusted itself off before. We survived the Civil War, which would have destroyed any other nation. We got past an ugly and unjust Reconstruction. We survived the Cold War. We survived Nixon. But I am not sure we can survive Bush's legacy. His shadow over us will be long and long-lasting. He has tarnished this nation, and has buried the next several presidents and future generations in mountains of debt. He has virtually destroyed this country.

The world didn't change in 2001. But America did. Permanently. For the worse. Our votes were thrown into the trash. Our nation was attacked. We were put into a state of perpetual fear, and pinned-down by a war we didn't ask for, but were convinced we needed. And who am I to thank? A man whose Saudi-financed, $1 Billion library will be built on the SMU campus, but will display nothing because his was the most secretive presidency in our nation's history?

Remember this from December 2000? Wasn't this the truth:

A little dose of Reagan optimism won't help me. A speech from Barack Obama or Bill Clinton about "hope" won't make this feeling go away. It is twilight in America. The sun has set on our once great nation.

It's time to drink on this Friday the 13th.