I'm not impressed by the would-be car bomb in central London. I don't doubt it would have been a giant nail bomb in the theater district. I don't doubt that it could have killed a few people. No. When I heard that the suspected driver of the car drew attention to himself by driving erratically and hitting a curbside dustbin as he parked the vehicle, I knew it was not al Qaeda's A-team, if you know what I mean. It probably wasn't al Qaeda.

London has a long history of bombings, don't you know. There have been bombings in response to immigration, as well as bombs directed against the nearby gay community in Soho. This is way overblown.

What's that? Oh right, it's post-9/11, so now every little threat has to be overblown. Right.

Have you ever thought that putting little shit like this on the front page is precisely what the real terrorists want? I know what many of our politicians want. They want us to be afraid as well. Fear begets fear, seemingly from both the bad guys and our leaders.

And now London police have nearby Mayfair closed off as a suspicious car was parked on Park Lane, near The Dorchester Hotel and along the edge of Hyde Park. Again, I say, whatever. We all need to say it; not because terrorism isn't serious, but because this particular would-be terrorist is not a serious threat. What would Winston -who grew-up in-between the two car locations- do?

It's summertime and the time for London terror. Three years in a row now.

And this just-in from the NYPD:

The New York City Police Department has informed midtown office buildings that, "they will be conducting response exercises that will result in an increased police presence in the Midtown and Times Square area over the next several weeks. These deployments are being conducted in an abundance of caution and not related to any specific threat."

Flex your muscles, boys. Make us white, cowardly people feel safer. It won't stop the terrorists as effectively as good ol' intelligence work. I trust you and the FBI are working together on that. The illusion of safety is not the same thing.

And now this London story will dominate our news, while much more lethal TNT bombs kill our soldiers. Five more were killed today by an IED, bringing June's total to 100 just as the month ends. Let's see, 104 killed in April, 116 killed in May, and 100 killed in June. That's an average of 106 per month. With 3,576 soldiers killed in Iraq since March 2003, we will see number 4,000 in precisely four months using this average. That's October 31st.

Now let's turn to some better news.

Isn't that fucking beautiful? Both sides. Just beautiful.

I don't want the Sox to loose five in a row. They need to get back on track. They would have buried the Yankees if they swept Seattle. Now they need to reset and get back to winning. I want the Yankees 12 games back by the All Star break. It is still possible. Boston players would be well-advised to skip the All Star game and focus on the AL East race at-hand.