The Word is Out: You Can Run Against Roger

Oh my. The Yankees get swept by the Colorado Rockies. Last week, the Yankees were on a 9-win tear. This week, they are back in the cellar. At least Clemens got a single. But he will have to wait for win number 350.

(And Sox fans breathe a sigh of relief.)

Oh, and I wanted to share these Roger tabloid pages since 2003, when he had to wait a bit for win number 300.

May 26, 2003.

Wait a minute. Those 'free falling Yanks' went to the World Series that year.

January 13, 2004:

Oh, and remember this happening in December 2003? Seems that Roger had to join his boyfriend in Houston.

But then....Reunited and it feels so good! May 5, 2007: