New York City: The Abortion Capital of the USA

Cheers to that.

But there is a powerful history of Abortion in New York that originates well before 1970, when abortion was pro-actively legalized in the city. This is worth a read no matter what side of the issue you are on. I think this article is two years old, but I found it in the wake of news last week that New Hampshire became the first state to repeal its parental notification law. Cheers to that, also.

And new history is being made today as women from Pennsylvania and the Midwest make their way to New York to have their procedures done.

I wonder if the anti-abortionists would be satisfied if procedures were banned in their home state, and not care if it continued to be done in New York? Or would they care, and want to try to stop procedures from being done in the city? Where do they draw the line that makes them feel comfortable? Not in their town? Not in their state? Not in their country? At what point does the distance of the medicine seem far away enough to them? At what point do they feel that they have done their part to stop the practice, and prevent women they don't know from correcting a mistake and saving themselves from an unwanted pregnancy?