Can't Get Journey Out of My Head...

...Thanks to the series finale of The Sopranos. But then I found this. I'm very late in coming to like The Family Guy. I had no idea that the fictional setting is in Rhode Island. This is freakin' great! And yeah, that's Adam West. But his joke is lost on me. And I'm usually pretty smaaat.

My buddy, Archtype, informed me that Steve Smith, Journey's drummer since 1979, shares his hometown of Brockton with me. maybe I knew that in 1983, but I certainly forgot.

Oh, I can't resist now. Here is Journey performing Don't Stop Believin' live in 1981. Not only is it one of the most loved rock anthems ever, it could be the most purchased song never to peak at # 1 on the Billboard charts (it peaked at # 9, but has sold millions of copies year after year since). And it keeps coming back. South Park. Laguna Beach. The 2005 White Sox. And now the Sopranos finale. It's a standard.