MSN Re-Affirming the Limousine Liberal Narrative

Now this story, just published, is factual. It reviews the net worth and 2006 income of some members of Congress. But it is just me, or does it report too much on Democratic members of Congress, and not enough on Republican members? I'm just asking.

The AP story mentions that Dennis Hastert is getting a salary cut this year. Whatever.

What about the net worth of John McCain? There's no mention of him. And although the article goes in-depth about the winery and millions held by Mr. and Mrs. Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi is barely in the top ten list of wealthiest congresspeople.

Does John Kerry ring a bell? How about Elizabeth Dole? There's no mention of them, either.

Pelosi is getting such a bad rap, in my opinion. Then again, she doesn't help herself when she has her million grandchildren surround her speaker's chair. Lower the ego and the attention grabbers, Nancy.