Keep Talking Yankees Fans

Keep telling us how you are going to be on top of the AL East come September. Keep telling us how Roger Clemens is going to turn it all around. You were 5 games back when Roger was signed. And today? You are 11 games back. Stay optimistic. That book, The Secret, really works. Find your positive space and stay in it. Works for George W. Bush. Things are going really, really well. Muy bueno.

Michael Kay certainly thinks the Yankees are going all the way this year. Right, Michael? How about you, Suzyn? Mission accomplished, right? I can mark the ticker tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes in my calendar. It is so on.

This is just so beautiful. Bill Simmons is right. I need to add this to more blog entries this season:

2007 American League Standings
Boston 33 15 -
Toronto 21 26 11
NY Yankees 21 26 11
Baltimore 21 27 11.5
Tampa Bay 19 28 13