Sox Going to the 161st Street Crack House

My buddy D'Sean calls Yankee Stadium the "161st Street Crack House." That's a jab at the Yankee spending habits, not an implication that it really is a drug den. They go through money like a coke fiend. They have spent hundreds of millions to maintain their domination of the AL East. But since 2001, they have spent big and have fallen down hard in the post-season.

This week presents a golden opportunity for the Red Sox to bring more pain to the Yankees in a season that is signalling their downfall. 2001 brought an end to the Yankee dynasty of 1996-2000. But the Yankees continued to rule the AL East through 2006. Now they are falling. It took a lot of used crack pipes to get them this low. The Red Sox need to show no mercy. Win two out of three, boys. Get it done. The Yankees are 10 games behind the Sox in the loss column. They could be 11 games back come Thursday morning.