Pope Benedict XVI: "Nothing Positive Comes From Iraq"

File this under: Another opinion that contradicts the Administration's story.

Now the Pope is not a scholar, military expert, diplomat, or government official. He is the head of the Church I used to belong to before I woke-up and became an Athesist. His words today will be ignored by the USA and those who continue to support and defend King George. But I find it interesting how the interpretation of his words could be taken to mean more than one thing.

Does he mean that no positive news comes from Iraq? Laura the Librarian says that much good news is overwhelemed by a peaky daily bombing. Otherwise, the news is great!

Does he mean that tangible items and people leaving Iraq are not good? That doesn't sound right. That could insult the troops!

Does he mean that no good has come as a result of the invasion and occupation of Iraq? That must be it.

These damn Italians need to know their place and shut the hell up. History will be the judge, not them.